My First Blog!

My first blog on my new website! I’m sooooooo excited! I just wanted to remind you all of my newsletter. You never know when or if social media will come crashing down. I want everyone to keep with my travels, silly photos, projects, and some ramblings. I’ll do my best to blog weekly or bi weekly, I usually have a lot to say(in person mostly). I hope to get in some holiday photos this month, I have a few ideas I should work on. I’ll be posting here.

Now onto December, it’s the end of the year! This year has been very strange, and hard on a lot of people. I kept saying right after Xmas last year that the Universe feels off, I was right! I hope everyone is hanging in there and spends time with family this holiday season, and staying safe and sane, this will pass! I’m fortunate to have great clients, family, friends. Happy Holidays Folks!

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