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Twitter Policy

I try to keep my main Twitter account public, so from time to time I go through my followers list to weed out obvious spam, trolls, and accounts that just waste space and waste my time. I'm not interested in acquiring thousands of followers just so I can say I have xx,xxxx followers. Twitter is supposed to be about business and networking, and if those accounts aren't helping with either, then there's no point in them following me.

I've found that if you don't weed out your followers' list, you end up with at least 95% of your followers being spam/fake or other useless accounts. I want to invest my time in people who are sincere and invest in me.

I want quality, not quantity. Capisce?

How To Get Blocked or Unfollowed

Any accounts that are obvious bots or tweeting spammy material will be blocked. The following is a list of other types of accounts that I block or unfollow.

Dick Pics & Porn

The kind of people who would tweet dick or vagina pics or tweet and retweet a lot of porn and graphic material are not people I would choose to interact with. There might be some ladies who aren't bothered by this, but I'm not one of them. I block anyone and everyone in this category even if I know you. Don't take it personally.

Private Accounts

This applies to accounts I'm NOT following. So if you are using a private account and try to follow me, then you will need to send me a private message with an introduction. If not, then your account will be force unfollowed. If I can't see your tweets, then you shouldn't be following me.

Anonymous Escort Accounts

Most of the "anon" escort accounts you come across focus on negativity and are more about bashing clients and even other escorts than they are about networking, camaraderie, and making positive change. There's already enough hateful rhetoric and negativity on Twitter.

The "anon" accounts might be a way for some ladies to vent about legitimate issues. But most seem to just be bitter and looking for drama because it's the only way they can get any attention. Some are even just pretending to be escorts. Regardless of why they created their accounts, I have no interest in following or being followed by these types of accounts. I instantly block when I come across them.

Excessive Followers

To me, excessive would be following over 3,000 accounts. I've found that those following thousands and thousands of accounts are typically bots, spam accounts, trolls, hobbyists, picture collectors, or general time wasters. How is it possible to follow thousands of accounts, stay engaged, and keep up with people's daily tweets?

Leftists & Mentally Unstable

I have no problem with most Conservatives and Libertarians. But I do not tolerate Leftists of any kind. They are hateful, liars, bullies, and always looking to create division. If you call yourself a Leftist or use Leftist talking points, you are immediately blocked.

If you got pronouns in your bio, then hit the road, Jack.
If you support BLM or Antifa, hasta la vista, baby. "You'll not be back."
If you're anti-American, take a long walk off a short pier.
If you are offended or need a Safe Space after reading this, then go fuck yourself

Also, I have no interest in being associated with those who use Twitter to constantly complain, bash clients or ladies, and dwell on negativity.

If you have to ask if I'm talking about you, then I'm probably talking about you.

The Habitual Messenger

This really only applies to those people I've never met or who haven't sent in any screening information after inquiring about multiple dates. There are guys who will contact me after tweeting about visiting a city. They'll show interest in making an appointment or ask me to visit their city, and when I ask them to fill out my screening form they go silent. A little time goes by and they'll start the process over again, where I have to ask them AGAIN to fill out my form.

If you're going to message me about my trips but can't be bothered to fill out a screening form, then I have no interest in having you follow me and you'll more than likely be blocked.

Under 35 Years Old

I usually only interact with gentlemen over 40 years of age. On very rare occasions I might make an exception for gentlemen who are just a little under that age. So as a general rule, if you are under 35, there's not much reason to follow me.

Inactive Accounts

If your account has had no activity(tweets, retweets, likes) for more than a year, I just assume you no longer use Twitter or are just a lurker who has no intention of meeting or interacting with me.

Also, you could be removed as a follower if it looks like you've been following me for months and years but have never interacted with me through tweets, retweets, likes, or private messages. Twitter is supposed to be about engagement and networking. I don't really see a point in you following me if you're not interested in that.

Birds Of A Feather

There are groups of escorts and "clients" who have long histories of bullying, lying, and participating in hateful drama on Twitter. While you might be completely unaware of what these people have tried to do to me and many other people over the years, I find it best to just go ahead and block or unfollow anyone who associates with that crowd. It doesn't mean I have anything against you personally. It just means I don't want any connections whatsoever to groups of people who cause so much drama and negativity on Twitter.

Speaking of negativity, if your Twitter is used to bicker constantly, spread negativity, or critique other ladies about their business, then you fit in this category.

If you have any complaints about my Twitter Policy, then please use the link below to contact my Complaints Department Manager who will show you how to properly submit the paperwork to file your grievances.
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