My Rules & Guidelines

Golden Rules

  • Please read all sections on my entire website before contacting me, and be sure to fill out my reservation form accurately and completely.
  • Please give me the proper screening info I ask for. The easier you make it for me to verify you, the greater the chance your appointment request will be approved.
  • Please be punctual and arrive at our scheduled meeting time. If you know you will be late, then let me know immediately and keep me updated. The same rule applies if you think you'll be a little early.
  • Please make sure to arrive freshly showered and very little cologne, if any at all.
  • Please make sure you have your ID ready for me to inspect when we first meet.
  • Please place the fee in plain sight and not in an envelope.
  • I do NOT smoke or do drugs, so please keep your bad habits away from me.

No-No Rules

  • DO NOT write reviews about me on other websites. Our time should be private. I do have a section on my website for short, tasteful testimonials if you would like to say a few nice words about me.
  • DO NOT fill out my reservation form with fake or incomplete information. If I believe you are being deceptive, then your reservation form will be ignored and you will be blocked.
  • DO NOT ask me for a face picture or if I will send you more images. My images are always current.
  • DO NOT talk about or try to haggle or negotiate my rates and services in email, text, private messages, on the phone, or in person.
  • DO NOT ask me about any kind of services offered or talk about anything sexual in nature. You will be ignored or blocked. I offer my time & companionship ONLY.
  • DO NOT question my rules or try to push any boundaries with me. I will end our session and all communication with you if you do this.
  • DO NOT bring any negativity to our session–leave your drama at the door. I want our time together to be a positive experience, and so should you.
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