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The Ideal Escort Client

A Gentleman’s Guide To Escorts


To be the ideal escort client requires a little knowledge, some effort, and a lot of respect. This is not a complete list of what you should and shouldn’t do when seeking a companion because not every companion has the same rules and expectations. But it is a good foundation regarding basic rules that the majority of companions would agree on.

While following this guide can’t guarantee that your escort experience will be trouble-free, it will undoubtedly help you avoid some of the hurdles and mistakes many clients make. Believe it or not, clients who consider themselves experienced make just as many mistakes as newbies.

I’m assuming that the escort you intend to see has a website. And if she went through the trouble of putting up a website, then that means she’s serious about her business and wants you to read the website. This is one of the most common mistakes that potential clients make, assuming that if you’ve read one lady’s website, you have a good idea of what’s on another lady’s website. This is NOT the case. We all run our businesses a little differently.

Unnecessary questions and so much disappointment and misunderstanding can be avoided if you take the time to read a companion’s website before contacting her. Read the whole site, don’t just skim the pages looking for some pics and maybe prices, and then a contact form. Many companions have information on their site that is intended to give you a general idea of who they are and whether or not they would be a good fit for you and vice versa.

Please do yourself a favor, Read Her Website, all of it. She will thank you for it. Seriously, she will literally thank you for it.

Good communication is vital to any relationship, whether business or personal. Always be respectful when contacting an escort. There are a few guidelines that apply to all forms of communication:

  • Be consistent and timely in your responses.
  • Consistent communication, NOT Constant communication.
  • Be sure you’ve read her website, so you don’t have to ask unnecessary questions.
  • Don’t ask about the “services” she provides.
  • Don’t talk about anything sexual.
  • Don’t send her long-drawn-out messages—they’re difficult to respond to.

Also, have a date in mind and a general time frame(morning, afternoon, evening) when contacting her for an appointment. You don’t always have to have an exact date and time when initially contacting her, but contacting her just to tell her you’d like to see her someday is a waste of her time. The only exception is if you want to get pre-screened for a future date. If that’s the case, then make sure to mention that you are contacting to get the screening out of the way.

If her rates are not what you’re looking for or if you can’t afford them, then move on and find someone else. While it’s not uncommon for companions to offer discounted rates to long-time, regular clients, many ladies find it insulting when you try to haggle with them about their rates or expect “off the clock” time with them. While you might ask, and she might even agree to discounted rates, there’s a good chance she will be turned off by the notion that you don’t think she’s worth what her rates are stated to be.

If you are a consistent regular and you get along well, she might offer a discount or special rate just for you. And that’s the critical part—SHE might be the one to bring it up. If you try to haggle and pressure her for discounts or “off-the-clock-time,” you set the stage for tension, disappointment, and resentment.

It’s simple. Don’t haggle. Don’t ask for discounts. Just pay her rates.

The “I don’t want to be screened because ⎽⎽⎽⎽” excuse is something we’ve all heard before, and it’s a surefire way to get ignored and blocked. The ladies who care about their safety will require screening on your part. Each lady will have their own screening methods and requirements, but most ladies will expect you to verify your identity. Only you can decide whether or not you feel comfortable giving a specific companion your information. It’s up to you to do your research on the companion you intend to see before you contact her. And when you do contact her, it should only be when you are ready to give her your screening information.

The easier you make it for her to verify you, the more likely she will accept your appointment request.

NOTE: If you haven’t heard back from the companion you’ve contacted in 5 days to a week, there’s a good chance she had a problem with your communication or screening information. She may or may not tell you what the problem was. If she doesn’t tell you, then it’s best just to move on and not insist on her giving you a reason why.

While not every escort requires a deposit, most professional companions will require a deposit to finalize your date. If you know she has a deposit requirement, but you aren’t willing to send a deposit, don’t waste her time by trying to convince her she doesn’t need it.

  • DO NOT show up to your date and ask her about rates. If you read her website and made the appointment, you should already know her rates.
  • DO NOT count out any $$$ in front of her.
  • DO NOT hand her any $$$ for the date. It’s usually a good idea to place any fees in a visible location, like on a bathroom counter or another countertop. But it’s best to read her website to see if she has specific requirements about how she expects you to handle fees and any protocols you must follow.
  • DO NOT wait until the end of the date to give her the fee. Go ahead and get that out of the way without having to be asked or mentioning it. Just do it, don’t talk about it.

A companion values her time just as much as you do. Being punctual is an absolute must if you want to earn her trust and respect. If your date is supposed to begin at 5 pm, then show up at 5 pm, not before that time, not after that time. If you expect to be even a little late, it’s always best to contact the companion and let her know your situation. Conversely, showing up early is just as bad. So don’t show up to your appointment early unless she has given you the okay.

Also, time management during the date is just as important. Don’t abuse your companion’s generosity and cordial demeanor by ignoring time constraints and/or intentionally staying over your scheduled time. If you’ve scheduled a 4-hour dinner date, then it’s a 4-hour date. If you scheduled a date for a specific amount of time and realized you stayed 30 minutes or longer over your scheduled time, then the best thing to do would be to offer to compensate your companion for that extended time.

Always be aware of any time constraints and plan ahead because it will help your date go more smoothly. This doesn’t mean the date has to be rushed or that she’s a “clock watcher.” It just means you value her time because there’s a huge difference between a few minutes and 30 minutes or more.

Hygiene is one of those things that many gentlemen take for granted and think they have under control. Unfortunately, a small percentage don’t sufficiently practice good hygiene. This includes everything from showering before a date to brushing your teeth and making sure your nails are clipped, cleaned, and filed.

When we say take a shower before our date, we don’t mean to let the water hit your body and just roll off. You can walk through a lawn sprinkler and get that kind of result. In addition to water, a good shower also requires a little soap, a washcloth, and some scrubbing.

Never underestimate the appeal of good oral hygiene. If you can afford to see a companion, you can afford a toothbrush, floss, and regular dental care. It matters a lot.

When it comes to nails, make sure they are clean, cut, and filed. A professional manicure is a nice touch. Yes, men get manicures and pedicures too.

If you wear cologne, use it very sparingly.

None of us expect perfection—we aren’t perfect either. We just expect that you’ll take your hygiene as seriously as you expect us to when we meet you. Practicing good hygiene is not only a good idea, it’s a basic common courtesy and one of the best ways to make a good first impression when you meet your companion.

Every companion has her own set of rules and boundaries regarding how she expects to be treated. Once she establishes her limits/boundaries and the lines you are never to cross, it’s your responsibility not to cross those lines. Those boundaries exist through text, email, phone, or when meeting her face-to-face.

Pestering a lady and being pushy about what she does or doesn’t do is highly disrespectful and will make her resent you. Push her too far, and she’ll likely end your date abruptly, block you, and blacklist you. If you think you can convince her to change her rules just for you, then you are a manipulating asshole. We don’t like manipulating assholes. Just Don’t Do It.

Also, pressuring her for “off-the-clock time” or trying to stay longer than your scheduled time together is a great way to tell her how much of a douche you are. If your companion feels like spending a little extra time with you, she’ll let you know. And just because she does it one time doesn’t mean you should think of it as a regular thing.

Her boundaries are there for a reason. You are responsible for respecting those boundaries, not trying to see if you can change them.

Gifts are just that—gifts. They’re not an obligation, and you are never required to give her one, but they are a nice gesture. If you know she likes wine or champagne, bring her a nice bottle. If you know she has a specific interest, surprise her with a token of appreciation.

When meeting a lady for the first time, giving her a gift makes an excellent first impression, and it’s also a great icebreaker. Trust me when I tell you that your companion is probably just as nervous about your date as you are. She might not show it, but she is. Anything you can do to relieve some of the anxiety of meeting someone new will help to put her mind at ease and ensure a more relaxed and fun date.

While gifts are a nice touch for your first date, they are also a nice gesture for any following dates.

Same as gifts, a tip is sometimes a nice token of appreciation for a companion who has to go through a lot of trouble to make the date possible. If you know she’s traveling a long distance to see you, it might be a good idea to give her a small tip or, better yet, a tip big enough to cover her travel costs(hotel, gas, etc.).

Having to cancel a date happens from time to time. If you have to cancel, it’s best to let your companion know ASAP. Most ladies are understanding and will work with you if they feel you are being sincere and not trying to take advantage of them.

Having said that, you also have to understand that your companion might have put considerable time and $$$ into making your date happen. This could include hotel, flight, and other travel costs, not to mention the time she reserved for you that could have been reserved for something or someone else. How you’re expected to deal with a cancellation depends entirely on a companion’s cancellation policy–if she has one.

This brings us back to the first point in this guide, which is to Read Her Website so you know if she has a cancellation policy and what it entails. If you give her a week or two notice, she’ll be much more likely to work with you. If you are giving her a couple of days’ notice, you might want to, at a minimum, compensate her for all her travel costs. If you are giving her a notice of hours or the day/night before a date, don’t be a dick; just pay her for the date.

The bottom line here is to find out what she expects as far as compensation for a cancellation, then just do it without her having to remind you or bring it up.

If you’ve seen other companions, then it’s never a good idea to share their personal details with your current date. You probably wouldn’t want a companion to share your personal details with another client or give out your personal information to other ladies, so you should show her the same courtesy. There’s nothing wrong with discussing past experiences, just as long as you aren’t giving out personal details.

  • DO NOT give out a companion’s phone # for a reference unless you have contacted her first and asked her permission.
  • DO NOT ask a companion her real name or pry too much about her personal life.

If you have any questions, want something clarified, or believe I should have added something, please leave a comment below.

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