Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

These are answers to my most frequently asked questions. Please use the inquiry form on this page if you have another question.

Whether we've had one date or dozens, I always prefer to get my beauty rest alone in my room. Any type of overnight date should have accommodations for two different rooms where I can get that rest. I need at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. You don't want to see me cranky, do you? You can always serve me coffee in the morning when you know I'm awake. I like my coffee black with 2 Splendas. Make the coffee, place the coffee next to the bed, then walk away slowly... if you want to live. No, I'm not a morning person and I like my first cup of coffee alone. I might be a little spoiled, but that's okay.
Sorry, but No. The longest date with new clients is a 12-hour/all-day(i.e. 9 AM-9 PM) appointment. We first need to have an initial date to see if we are compatible. I usually suggest at least a 4-hour date to get to know each other. Once that initial date is out of the way and we both feel comfortable with each other, we can discuss longer dates.
Nope! I have extremely high standards and will only see gentlemen who are patriotic and more closely aligned with my own political views. This means I avoid Leftist douchebags and will not see them. Sorry, we're just not going to be a good match. I'll see Republicans and Libertarians, but Leftists should find another lady.
I love newbies! Everyone goes through the same screening process, newbie or not. If you have never seen a companion before and don't have a reference, then just leave the reference section on my reservation form blank.
I'm usually in Nashville on most days, but some of my frequent stops are Memphis, Knoxville, Louisville, and Huntsville, AL. I travel to these cities every few weeks.
I get this question a lot. And my answer is always "When you invite me." Feel free to send me a request and I will see about arranging a trip. Or you can always set up an Exclusive Date and I will make a trip just for you.
I don't accept same-day appointments unless I have seen you before and you contact me very early in the day.
I do incall(you come to me) only. I only do outcall appointments with people I'm comfortable with and know very well.
My minimum package is 2 Hours. But if I'm already traveling, then I might make an exception. Just ask.
Good champagne or red wine is always appreciated. Quality dark chocolate. I don't eat much, but I do appreciate it. Oh, and being a perfect gentlemen is one of the best things you can bring. In fact, it's THE most important thing to bring. But if there's more you'd like to know, then make sure you look over my Etiquette page
Sorry, not at this time.
I'm sorry, but not at this time.
If you see something I'm wearing in one of the photos on my Gallery, then yes. Other than that, I usually don't take clothing requests.
Of course they are me. I'm a photographer and I take all my own photos. I update the images on my website on a regular basis and I also add recent images to my Twitter page.


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