Top Secret Missions

I like to call my exclusive dates Top Secret Missions. Why? Because it sounds mysterious and sexy, and I like to be as discreet as possible. We already share too much information on our websites and social media, so I like to add a little mystery and intrigue to my dates.

I used to use FMTY(Fly Me To You) to market my longer dates, but I grew to hate that term. I don’t even fly that much, so I should be using DMTY(Drive Me To You) instead if I’m going to be accurate.

Some clients like that ladies tweet about all their FMTY dates and gifts, and if that works for them, great. I know most of it is marketing, but it’s not something I think is good for me. I sometimes tweet my food, a great bottle of wine, or a special event, but I tend to attract clients who love that I’m discreet and don’t go on social media and brag about my dates. They like that I focus on them and don’t try to impress strangers on the Internet with constant talk about my gifts and the details of my dates. I’d rather keep my gifts to myself; no one needs to know what kind of gifts I get, and yes, I’m spoiled!

Top Secret Missions aren’t just to protect my privacy but my client’s privacy as well. They also like the term Top Secret Mission, which I started using years ago because our dates are about mystery and privacy just as much as anything else. Anyone can book a date with a companion. But not anyone can book a date with Secret Agent Megan.

If you are curious about Top Secret Missions, please reach out. We can discreetly plan our adventures together.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

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