Rendezvous Raffle

Megan Love's 2023 Raffle

Welcome to my second annual Rendezvous Raffle! The first raffle was in 2021 and was a huge success. The second raffle was supposed to be in 2022 but had to be postponed.

This year's raffle will be done the same way as the original, with minor changes and additions that should make it even better. The changes and additions will include perks for VIP Members.

Like the original, the best part about this raffle is that there won't be any real losers because every ticket can be used at its purchase price as a deposit for a future appointment.

Most of the information about the raffle can be found on this page. But if you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Raffle Prizes

Grand Prize

A 6-hour date in the city of your choosing OR an 8-hour date within a 200-mile radius of Nashville, TN.

*see details below
★ VIP Members

Second Prize

A 2-hour date in the city of your choosing.

**see details below
★ VIP Members

Third Prize

Add an extra hour to your next appointment with me.

★ VIP Members

Consolation Prize

ALL tickets can be used at face value as a deposit for a future appointment.

***see details below

Prize Details & Restrictions

*The Grand Prize winner will have the option of splitting up the date into 2 separate days IF the dates are within a 200-mile radius of Nashville, TN.

**Some cities and regions will take extra planning to make sure the trip is feasible.

***Tickets must be redeemed within 6 months after the raffle drawing.

★ VIP Members who have a winning ticket will be given an additional 2 hours for the Grand, Second, and Third prizes. A VIP Member who wins the Grand Prize will get the 8-hour date regardless of location.

Pricing & Updates

Ticket Price

1 Ticket


Rendezvous Raffle Ticket for 2023

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Ticket Updates

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Raffle Rules & Info

  • This isn't a true raffle because even if you don't win the Grand Prize or Second Prize, your ticket(s) can be redeemed at face value as a deposit for a date. When you purchase a ticket, you are essentially sending a deposit for a future appointment. Prizes are "giveaways" with no monetary value.
  • This is a private/closed raffle; tickets will only be sold to select gentlemen I've seen before or screened and approved for an appointment.
  • For those who can't receive a physical ticket, I can provide you with a virtual ticket or send you a picture of your ticket.
  • Grand Prize, Second Prize, and Third Prize winners must be different participants. If the Second Prize winner is the same as the Grand Prize winner, the Third Prize winner will be given the Second Prize, and a redrawing for the Third Prize will take place until there are separate winners for each prize.
  • More information and specifics could be modified or added at a later date.
Raffle Start Date July 1, 2023
Raffle End Date December 31, 2023
Date of Drawing First week of 2024
Ticket Price $100
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