Rainy Thursday’s Thoughts

I haven’t blogged in a long time, I’ve been busy, and when I’m not busy I’m decompressing and relaxing in between travels. I hope everyone had a great Valentine, I sure did. Before you know it, it will be Spring Equinox/Easter. These last few months have flown by, I’m doing my best to send out newsletters monthly. I haven’t done a survey in months either, just no time lately. So I’m forcing myself to type out this blog over coffee.

I’m planning my garden already, sowing seeds, rebuilding my beds, etc(the butler mostly). I’ll be overwhelmed with veggies again this year. I hope some of you like peppers and tomatoes! I need to find a badass food processor for my tomatoes, it’s tedious trying to process my tomatoes manually. So I’ll do it the easy way, the Italian way! I’m just glad I have help and lots of it. I had over 500 pounds of tomatoes last year, that’s a lot! I grew over 80 pounds of peppers last year as well, I’ll be bringing these on my dates this year for cooking.

I got a new camera for Christmas! I’m so grateful for my new camera. I’ll be doing some photo ideas I’ve been tossing around for a few years, time to make it happen. I’m still learning my camera, but getting the hang of it, and it helps to have talented clients who know how to take direction and shoot, that’s been fun. I’ve taken some beautiful shots this year so far and will add them to my new private site.

As for travel, I do take requests. I don’t always post where I’m going when I’m on a “Top Secret Mission”(Don’t steal my term), that’s what I call my “Exclusive Dates”. I do post when I’m traveling otherwise and keep my calendar up to date, so keep an eye out for any updates or changes.

Let’s talk about privacy for a minute, shall we? This is a fresh reminder for social media clients. I don’t talk about who I see on Twitter, who I’ve seen, or who I plan to see. I don’t want anyone on social media to know any of this. So please don’t tag me in a post about seeing me, etc. I don’t talk about gifts(Except my new camera, because it’s awesome), I don’t tag anyone in a “Thank you” for a gift, I do that in private. I don’t talk about tips and top-secret missions. Yes, just call me 00-Megan. ha!

Let’s see what else, oh I still hate leftists, that won’t change. You idiots are destroying our country. That’s why I put up a Democrat tax on my rates page, you voted for inflation, you get to feel the burn. I mean, if I’m going see a Democrat (Some of you are OK), you’ll have to pay a higher rate, moving on.

I’m currently working on a new private paid website. I was hoping to launch it by March 1st, but I want to take my time creating new material/content. It’s going to be amazing, I’m so excited about this. I’ve been wanting to do a private paid site for many years, it’s finally happening.

I don’t think I’ll do a raffle this year, I’m just too busy. I’ve had people ask about it and I just haven’t had time to order the tickets, etc. I guess if you guys were really serious about it, I could do one mid-year, we shall see! It was such a huge hit last year, still debating, or maybe a small one.

I’ve been baking/cooking a lot lately, it’s my new jam and I love it! It keeps my ADD brain busy and it’s fun cooking/baking with clients and at home. I’ve grown to love cooking dates. I’ve baked half a dozen pies already, I’m sort of an expert now, sort of!

I need to get some new surveys out there, I’ll be working on that very soon. I love reading your replies/answers. I get a feel for your personalities and it’s hilarious! I think this blog is long enough, I rambled too much! I just slapped this blog together last minute, I need to get used to blogging again.

xoxo Megan Love

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